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WordPress Development ( Online )

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Professional WordPress Course : 

A part of web development is WordPress theme development. It is a CMS with a full content management system. Various contents can be managed through the very wordpress of the website. Generally, having a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP can be involved in WordPress theme development.


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Course Overview

WordPress Basics and Theme Development WordPress theme development is one area where expertise will get you plenty of work.

Website is needed in any small or big organization in the country or abroad. As a result, the demand for theme development is now visible.

WordPress theme development is a part of web development. Which PHP is not known very well and maintains so much security

The website can be developed without doing. Because WordPress is a PHP package, called CMS. There are many built-in PHP functions.

A WordPress theme developer’s job is to create WordPress themes by calling those functions. In the beginning, only four works depending on the project

May be promoted to Senior WordPress Developer within the year. In this case, the opportunity to work on large-scale projects is created. Services can also be given to others as consultants or freelancers.

As a result, the income opportunities will be greater. Moreover, an entry-level WordPress theme developer can earn $10-12 per hour on the freelancing marketplace.


This Course is Designed for

 Those who want to make a career as a WordPress developer

 Want to be an online entrepreneur or IT specialist

 Those who are interested in coding.

 Those who want to continue their studies by doing something part-time along with their studies


Course Curriculum

How to customize a theme

PHP Syntax

Developing a Theme From Sketch

Using CSS/Bootstrap

Working with Option Framework

Introduction to Child Theme

Working with another Options Framework

Premium Theme Customization

Freelancing Marketplace

Career Opportunities

Open Job Positionsxclusive Solutions That Set Us Apart


Review Class

Do you face difficulty when you review the previous concepts? To ensure the best learning outcome, we arrange review classes that help our students overcome any problem in their skill development process. You will be able to understand the topics that you find complex under the close supervision of our skilled mentors.


Lifetime Support

career it institute and its students share a lifetime bond. We strengthen our bond with you by providing lifelong support that helps you overcome any problem in your career path even after completing your course. Our expert support team ensures 24-hour service to all of our students. The personalized feedback that you receive from us, helps you grow, every day.


Practice lab support

We offer our students practice lab support so that they can complete their coursework feasibly at any time. The uninterrupted learning environment that we ensure, helps the student gather practical knowledge efficiently.


Class Videos

No need to worry if you miss a topic in the class. We record All of our classes so that students who miss a session can still get the information they need. They can watch the videos again and again until they understand the topic thoroughly. Our motto is to provide you with a flexible learning experience to improve your competence gradually.


Career Placement Support

Our career placement department is ready to help you find a lucrative job. We ensure your resume gets into the hands of the right hiring manager.  So far this department has helped more than 1280+ students to find jobs in competitive global platforms. Promising a better future, we have successfully raised the job placement rate to 63% in 2023.


Virtual Internship

Without hands-on experience, no one can be competent in any skill. Practical work experience is a must-have for better career opportunities. CIT offers its students virtual internship opportunities, where they can work under the supervision of industry experts. The online internships qualify to be as effective as offline work experience. Hence, you can also complete our internship at our office. 



 A certificate from the Technical Education Board (BTEB) will be awarded at the end of the course.


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